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Torrance Locksmith Store Torrance, CA 310-955-5857So did you get locked out of your car? It can happen to anyone on a bad day. If you need to get back inside quickly, it’s not recommended that you watch a car lock pick video on YouTube and attempt to get the door open by yourself. DIY unlocking methods are hazardous – they may end up damaging your door and the lock permanently. It’s much faster and safer if you hire a professional automotive locksmith instead. Torrance Locksmith Store is a professional auto locksmith you can contact, anywhere in the Torrance, CA area, if you need immediate assistance.

Is it expensive to get a car unlocked?

Are you wondering if it’s expensive to get your car unlocked? Not if you hire our car lock pick expert locksmiths. We can get your car door unlocked quickly as well as affordably. Unlike some service providers, we don’t charge extra if your need is urgent or you need us in the middle of the night. We’ll always charge the same reasonable baseline rate, regardless of the make and model of your car. Our mobile vans allow us to reach most locations in Torrance and beyond in a matter of minutes. We also carry all the tools with us, so we can provide roadside assistance.

What can we help you with?

Should you hire our car lock pick experts just to unlock your car door? Or can we do more? Aside from unlocking your regular door lock, we can also unlock a trunk. Car trunks are much harder to unlock than regular door locks, as modern manufacturers design them to be portable miniature safes that can resist entry from thieves armed with tools. So if you managed to lock your key in the trunk, you’re in for a little bit of trouble. Fortunately, our locksmiths are well trained and can pick open even trunk locks with little to no trouble.

Get replacement car keys

Did you need our solutions because you lost your existing car key? If so, our commercial locksmiths can replace it for you. Asking your dealer for a replacement is costly and time consuming – we’ll cut you a transponder key clone faster and cheaper than them. It’s also a good idea to get duplicate key as backup. So if you manage to get locked out of the vehicle next time, you’ll be able to use the backup.

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